giovedì 3 maggio 2012

rahua beauty is power

Among the "jungle" of new products at the former Bologna Cosmoprof 2012 there are only a few exhibitors that catch your interest.
Without knowing the product, the first impression of their stand counts.

I stopped in front of this elegant and warm stand, where they had sisplayed their hair care products for the first time.
I was greeted by the founder of the company and his team of very reliable assistants with warmth and friendly care. I was litterarly carried away by their enthusiasm and professionality in giving me all information and details about their products, the studies, their origin, the ingredients.

Very generously I was given samples to try and being a true "hair freak" I was curious to test.

All of the hair collection products are a luxury to your hair,a true escape to the Amazon rainforest, you feel like a million dollar babe. Once I blowed dried my hair, it felt silky, smooth,shiny, renewed.

Rahua hair care products are sold in finest department stores and shops. They "may" be out of your budget, but my suggestion is to give up
something unnecessary and purchase instead these hair products, your hair will thank you for your choise.

for more information visit their web site.

video of the origin of rahua from the Amazon rainforest

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  2. Non ho mai provato i prodotti di questo brand...e non li ho nemmeno ricevuti al Cosmoprof!

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