venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall........

Trying to stop time seems to have become a national sport.
There is no limit in doing any kind of treatments to take years off of us. Even dangerous ones.
Where do we draw the line??

There is nothing wrong in trying to look younger, fresher, but it depends on which means are used.

Do we have to look like someone else in order to like ourselves or to please others??
More and more often we see big, oversize lips, inflated cheek bones, flat foreheads that look like a jumbo jet could land on it.
Where is this leading us ??

What seems awkward, is that women themselves believe that all of this is necessary.
We have just started to walk but have learned to run fast and faster.

Probably there are some deeper thoughts behind this.
A woman becomes conscious of herself and starts feeling good in her body around her 30th birthday, and for more than a decade, it is a free ride.
So if you consider, that's not really a lot of time.
It is in our late 40's that some women want to put back the hands of time.

Some are lucky and blessed to have beside them a man who looks skin deep.
A man who can see inside of you and tells you that you look better now than when you were younger.
Unfortunately for most women, these men are a rarity.
So for the women who can only count on themselves, try to accept yourself the way you are.
Take good care and be healthy. Be neat, workout, have good company to share your time with.

Don't be a clone !!!!

Take a look at the beauties below.
These women did not have the complicity of botox or collagene.
They were just counting on good skin, neat hair, good make up.
They are breath taking, superb !!!
Let's remeber them the way they were............when beauty was skin deep.

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