giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Yes I do ??????

What is happening to brides to be??
With all the people that fuss around them to make that special day an event to remember, all I see is a lot of confusion, false tracks, and as a result, your own personality tangles with someone elses.

Never like today, things are made easier for brides to be, they can count on just about anyone taking decisions for them. Unfortunately and often, do it yourselfers, the results are often dissappointing.

One common mistake when choosing your gown, accessories and overall look for that special day, is to mix many styles, without following a precise pattern.
Once you have choosen your gown, follow the style down as far as the accessories.
If you choose a 60 look, continue with a 60 hair doo, same with the rest of the accessories.
If you choose a rock look, go for it all the way.

More and more often I see brides to be become a mix of many styles, giving the idea of complete confusion and insecurity. Don't try to impress your guests with extreme eccentricity.
Maybe not too many people have a critical eye to notice all of these details, but if among your friends or guests there is only one person with the critical eye, you blew it !!

It is so easy to have things go smooth all the way.

Choose a style, get suggestions from a magazine, bridal shops, someone whose good taste you can trust.
Maybe their opinion will be different than yours, but consider it, and work on it

Your wedding day should be one of the most happy, festive, carefree events of your life.
You and what you wear should be the perfect picture of glam and joy.
Something to go proud as years go by and not a faded picture in a wedding album.

Don't over do or copy someone elses wedding day, be yourself.
Dare, dare.... don't go conventional.
Everyone should see you dazzle!!!

Most important is to have fun. After all, it's your wedding day.

I would be happy to give you suggestions for that special day.
There is nothing that thrills me more than being a part in what will be a successfull day.
Just contact me and we can work things together, combining your ideas and working together to make that day a day to remember forever.

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