lunedì 2 agosto 2010

I'm a Recessionista Chic

It's contagious!!!! In the past years, bargain hunting has become a sort of need or fun for others. It often happens that with designers clothes or accessories, you squeeze in a "bargain".
What I have done today is a challange. I like to visit vintage shops, and my eye wonders quickly from row to row, spotting that special something.

What I have done in the picture is a medley of a put together of my latest purchases in one of my favourite vintage shop. The whole put together is within 50,00 Euro.

This recession also gives us the opportunity to mix and match, using our creativity and individuality, making us unique and stand out from the crowd.

In time of crisis fashion bloggers show that you can have style at any time.

My daughter also took the challenge. The dress is from Zara basic, bought during summer sales (2009) cost 25 Euro, fetish sandals from UK E-Bay, accessory flower bought in Portobello market in London. In total within 50,00 Euro
Doesn't she look GREAT. Ready for a summer ball in Saint Tropez.

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