lunedì 30 agosto 2010

Le freak so chic

Hair Freak

that's what I am !!!!!!!

Have always had a kind of weak point when it had to do with my hair. Always gave my hair "the queen treatment".
Since I could remember, I have never bought a hair product out from a department or grocery shop. You know, those shampoos that make tons of suds. When a teenager and had some money, went out to buy a good expensive shampoo and hair mask at specialized shops. Products that were unknown to most of people.

This is an aspect I have never lost, it only enhanced.
If I look in a magazine, my eyes could spot (what to others is not so important) a new hair line of products made from the aborigines of Australia, or with a special Austrian spring water. I believe that your hair is like your business card, it is the first impression, along healthy teeth and so on......
Two years ago I bought from an Austrian firm their complete line of hair products, very good, the only remark I have to make, unfortunately their information on the package were not in english.

I am so very attracted to hair products like someone else is to a facial cream.

Speaking to friends, I often realize that they don't know nothing when it comes to hair serums, thermo protectors and other terms that to me are fundamentals.

When I mention good hair, I don't mean that good, "Mad Men" look, but a healthy, non frizz, and sleek-shiny look.

The market now days offers a rich variety of hair products for a " good do it yourself home treatments".

I also came across "what is know" as the most expensive shampoo in the world. With its price you could do grocery shopping for one week.
I only got samples but have been keeping them for "that special occasion" and have not used them yet.
When I will try them, I will let you know my opinion.
My cabinet is filled with the best brands you could find, something to make a hairstylist turn green.

Also my attention is focused when it comes to choose my hairstylist. I go upon my intuition. The first eye is mostly the right one.
To me, a good stylist has to have reliable hands, not limpy. I want to feel his/hers grip when they handle my hair.
Also when I say "cut one inch" they have to cut 1/2 and inch..... and not go wild with the scissors like they often do.
If they do, it is GOODBYE, and a bad review.
I never forget and forgive when it comes to bad hairstylists.
I must come out from the salon being able to walk around without looking like someone else.

I have been watching on cable "Jersey Girls", a sort of reality based on a group of gross looking hair stylers and make up artists working in a hair salon in New Jersey. I get great kicks out of them. It would drive me crazy to have my hair done in such a situation. But the show is fun.

Enough is enough, got to run now, have to do a hair mask............

Are you a hair freak member ?????

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