giovedì 2 settembre 2010

WESTIELICIOUS......a bundle of love!!!!!!

Love has many faces, one of them is the love for ICE. I find it difficult to say dog, he is "family".
He came into our family some 6 years ago and has brought lots of additional happiness.
His breed is West Highland White Terrier, or simply Westie.
A dog's love is unconditional, he is very playful and loves to cuddle beside us.
I could not imagine life without him.

Here is a gallery of photos taken in various situations. He loves to be in pictures and is very egocentric, as you can see from the many outfits he has, a real show-off....
Ice loves to be dressed and attracts attention in most situations.
He has a very good, quiet, playful and joyful personality, kids love to give him a pat, he never looses his temper.
His eyes are sweet and good.

I would like to share with you some special moments of our daily routine.
It was very hard to choose the pictures to be posted (he has thousands).
Hope some of them will make you smile.

He loves to stay in the sun, to sleep on my bed, to be a fashionist .... but most of all, he loves to be with us and to share our love.
There are not enought adjectives for me to emphasize the joy Ice has brought into our lives.

Last month Ice met who could become his mate. We keep our fingers crossed when time comes for him to become a daddy. We look forward to have a baby Ice in our family.
We all cheer for him and hope that nature will do its course when the time comes for him to do what is expected from him (he has never been mated).

Moments from Ice's experiences, fun dressy transformations, relaxing cuddling moments, business dog, and Nasa special team astro-dog.

We think he is adorable, don't you?????

4 commenti:

  1. Thank you....he's my life!!!!!!!

  2. no vabbè la tutina da alce è semplicemente favolosa <3 è stupendo complimenti!!!

  3. Ciao, ho scoperto proprio pochi minuti fa il tuo blog e trovo che sia davvero ben fatto. Le tue recensioni sono chiarissime e per me è molto utile vedere i vari cosmetici indossati e trovare indicati accanto con precisione il numero e il nome della nouance.
    E a proposito di Ice, è davvero stupendo (la foto in cui è ribaltato sul letto mi piace un sacco)! Anche io ho un westy di un anno e devo dire che sono davvero dei cagnolini adorabili, con un carattere forte e molto egocentrici.
    Baci, continua così!