lunedì 20 settembre 2010

Falling Leaves

Tomorrow, September 21st, is the first day of Autumn.
Or at least, that's what the calender says !!!!
I look back at the months that have just flown away and recall all of those happy moments planning and organizing summer events.

The magic from lit candles reflecting their flame into blooming garden and turquoise watered swimming pools.
Garden gazebos decorated with floating lanters.
Tables and chairs dressed with elegant table cloths and unique materials.
Dishes in fine porcellain or earthy raku, fine crystal glasses, original mugs.
Center table pieces made with flowers, herbs, fruits or whatever available from the garden.
The bewitching summer days and nights, the allure of music notes embracing us all.
The planning, the catering, and the overall organization was made possible because people believed in me, in my lifestyle and creativity.
Thank you all.

I am happy to have contributed with my skill, to the happiness of many.

Tomorrow we turn page.
Autumn offers a variety of new ideas, new tasks.
New events to share with special friends.

Happy Autumn to everyone !!!!!!

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