venerdì 10 settembre 2010


As a fashion and style consultant, my work is to advise.
My research goes on what to buy, what to wear and also as an interior decorator, how to furnish your home and set a lifestyle.

My first study in a project, is to consider the individual's personality, the financial aspect, and the overall impact I get from that person.

If you feel good with yourself, surely the image you reflect to others, will be a positive one.

As in every beginning of a new season, the question mostly asked is what new garments should I buy????? Where should my money be channeled?????

As in every situation, you must sit down and draw a list of priorities.
Look at the new fashion magazine and spot the items that thrill you the most.
If you have a limited budget, you must draw the line on the things that you will purchase and that will create a new and trendy look for that season and add zest to what you already have in your wardrobe.

Spot the style you want to create. Don't jump from one style to onother.
This only creates confusion and disorder.
Mix and match with good bargain pieces, but invest on evergreens, like a good tailored white shirt, a fashion bag, or even custom fashion jewelry.

Invest on a new pair of booties or designers shoes, a knee lenght trenchcoat (in black or pattern fabric) something that you can easily slip on quickly on your jeans and capri winter pants.
A knee lenght black skirt, a versitile sweater (something that leaves your shoulder bare) or with a low back (instead of a front cleaveage) more sexy and less obvious, an exciting look for a girl's night out or a new beau.
If the style calls for hats, scarves, gloves, don't neglect them.
A big coloured broach on your lapel, surely will not pass un-noticed.
Don't under estimate these accessories, they must be first on the list, they can make the difference between a preppy, exuberant style and a dull one.
My advice is........ GO BIG.... THE BIGGER THE BETTER.

If finances are not a problem, add to your list a sheer, shiffon dress in a light, delicate colour.
I also would keep in my closet an organza, wide, layered gown, either black or blue, also with ruffles, to be worn with a skinny waist tailored jacket. I would suggest aggressive booties or shoes thus adding a new romantic but a modern twist to the whole look.

Your hair also should have a new look.
Keep handy hair accessories, such as hair bands to wear with teased hair (a Brigitte Bardot style) or go for ex-tra large buns hairdoos.
Shop for decorative hairpins in shiny black rhinestones, or in spicy colours adding charisma and allure to your personality.

My final advice is, ..........DON'T RUSH YOURSELF.

Let a few weeks go by before you do any shopping.
Let yourself adjust to the new suggestions that are coming from your favourite fashion magazines.
I can confirm that quick buying is often the wrong buy.

Happy hunting !!!!!!!!!!

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